The above provides examples of photographs and related print work created using the Toyoba plate process.  Further examples of my work are available from either the PrintRoomDundee or the websites. The latter contains a variety of other artistic works in a range of formats including sound and video.

I have also created many short videos and the related soundtracks such as this one of a hillwalk in Fife, Scotland in February 2020 just before the lockdown although that is now in the past!!!!

Commonedge Hill Scotland

My instagram site may also be on interest.

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Road to nowhere!

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If you are interested in any of this material please email

Here is some music to improve (?) your day!

You can access more of my music by visiting Eck1112 on Soundcloud and music videos on Youtube under the edomon (all lower case) channel

Pollaiidh’s Staccatos
Reykjavic Sonata
Lhasa Beat
Potala Piece
Laurie Who?
Phasing About
The Arab Zone
Further Lockdown
Furlough Funk
Flattening the curve
Nicola’s Exit
IG Funk Final Mix
IG Funk Redux
Do you have the number of the Boris?
Living La Vida Lockdown
Living La Vida Lockdown Redux
Stay Alert Redux
Stay Hebetudinous
Jam Piece
Nothing if not superficial
Lockdown Redux
Travelling on the U-Bahn
Basho’s Offering
One for Max R
Song for Jones Inc
Breeding Dust
Rrose Duchamp
There is no solution as there is no problem

3 thoughts on “Printworks, Photos, Music and the Rest ?

  1. Hi Eric.
    You must be really bored! Only kidding!
    Actually very impressive, and a large body of work.
    A problem is the very slow download of the print images, at least it was for me tonight, which meant I didn’t get to see them properly.
    And a wee thing to fix, in the intro it says ‘a hillwalking’: just remove the ‘a’.
    Skype on Friday, 11.00?
    And i’ll Be interested to see how quickly you respond: is there some mechanism which alerts you to visitors to your site.


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